Salmonboy Studios
The art of Café Evolution owner Star Drooker, including his polaroid grids.

Polaroid Grid by Star Drooker

Polaroid Grid by Star Drooker

SALMONBOY: A Story of Fire & Water

Salmonboy is a film by Star Drooker, owner of CAFE EVOLUTION.

WHO is behind this project ?

SALMONBOY is co-directed and produced by PJ Moynihan of Digital Eyes Film, and Star Drooker of Salmonboy Studios, who is also the film’s central subject as a father and artist.

WHAT is this film all about ?

SALMONBOY is a narrative documentary focusing on one family’s journey through a living art project, in connection to the passing of their first born son. The intention of the film is to openly and compassionately discuss issues of love, loss, and the role of art, as a meditation on the commonalities of our human experience.

WHEN did the project start ?

The film entered into pre-production over twenty years ago, when Star met his wife Trish. Within 24 hours, the couple decided they would have a child named Jesse, and open a vegetarian café and performance space which would be his home. Their intention was to close the café after four years, and produce a film about the experience of dreaming in public.

Six months after the cafe opened, Jesse was born and lived for 19 days. The couple kept the cafe open for the nine years that followed, as living testimony to the life of their first born son. After closing their doors in 2003, Drooker partnered with Moynihan to complete the film.

Two decades from its genesis, this is that story.